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This site and its accompanying mailing list offers a look at the numerous Free events and attractions taking place in The City.

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Whether you're a senior with a limited income, a young family just getting started, or a budding rock star who's spent too much on MIDI gear, it's nice to know you can still get out and about without spending a lot of dough.

All of the events listed here are completely free, and you are welcome to show up without a single cent in your pocket. Some do offer the opportunity to spend money or make donations, but none require you to spend anything once you're there.

Events are organized by date. Monthly calendars provide an overview of the type of events occuring on each day of that month, while each day has its own page listing the events in detail.


For a goodly portion of December, the Free List (along with the rest of disappeared. This was due to our (former) host disappearing. We are now back up on a new host that will (hopefully) stick around a little longer. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season anyway.

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-- Uncle Roger

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