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Free Events for Saturday, January 29, 2000

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This page lists free events taking place in San Francisco. It is broken down into several categories. You can receive a weekly e-mail listing of free events as well. You can also have your event listed for free.

Concerts, Plays and Films

Chinese New Year's Lion Dance
Marina Branch Library, 1890 Chestnut St.
Celebrate Chinese New Year of the Dragon With the Lion Dance for All Ages. Also at the Chinatown Branch at 11:30am, the North Beach Branch at 12:30pm, the Presidio Branch at 1:30pm, the Richmond Branch at 3:00pm, and the Anza Branch at 4:00pm.
10:30am [Web Page] (415) 292-2150

Readings and Lectures

Emma Woo Louie: Chinese American Names
Chinatown Branch Library, 1135 Powell St.
Emma Woo Louie, author of Chinese Names: Tradition and Transition, will talk about her research of this fascinating book of Chinese American history and culture. She will cover the sources of Chinese names in China and the creation of Americanized new surnames that are a synthesis of Chinese and American cultural beliefs and naming traditions.
02:30pm - 04:00pm [Web Page] (415) 274-0275

Clubs and Hobbies

The Great War Society
Presidio of San Francisco, Funston and Lincoln
The Great War Society, a national group of amatuer historians of WWI (& II), discusses various issues of WWI & II as they affect the twentieth century. Lectures, slides and presentations of various elements are given. Well worth a visit to understand the two greatest single events which defined this century!
10:00am [Web Page] (415) 346-4730

Festivals/Social Events

Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith: Celebrating Chinese New Year
Richmond Branch Library, 351 - 9th Ave.
A reception for the publication of Celebrating Chinese New Year by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith.
02:00pm [Web Page] (415) 666-7021

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