Pictures of my Land Rovers:

When I first met Indy, my 1959 Series II 109" 2 door, he was a pick-up, with a soft top over the rear bed.

Ready for action! (28K)

In early 1995, a bunch of Land Rovers got together in the Mendocino National Forest. This NotaRallye was made possible through the use of a mailing list on the internet, set up specifically to not-coordinate this get together. Since then, the Mendo_Recce list has grown into the main source of Land Rover discussion and information on the left coast of the US. I was lucky enough to be a part of that first NotaRallye, and the list.

From the Joe Lucas Mendocino National Forest NotaRallye
(April 28 - 30, 1995)

River? What River? (44K)

Oh! That River! (40K)

I just washed my spark plugs, and I can't do a thing with them! (52K)

Stay to the left! Stay to the left! No, the other left! (55K)

Thanks to Jason LaBranch for these photos!

My Land Rover was selected to be the model for a safari-type vest in the summer '96 clothing catalog from Willis & Geiger!

Fifteen Minutes of Fame! (41K)

In 1992, Rachel Grilley and I made plans to travel through Baja California, across to the mainland, and then back up through Mexico. So we left San Francisco, headed east...

What happened was that several people did their best to talk me out of traveling through Baja alone, and someone suggested that Rachel and I convoy along with them to the National Ralley in Colorado. I went home and jokingly said to Rachel that everyone said we oughta go to the Ralley. She considered it for a moment, and said Okay. So off we went. Here's some pics from the pre-rally get-together in Moab, Utah.

Say Cheese! (42K)

Rock Spot (32K)

In the lap of luxury (32K)

On the road again... (36K)

Rock and Roll! (23K)

Keep your eyes on the road, please! (24K)

Nobody move 'til she gets the picture! (29K)

Look ma, no hands neither! (42K)

That fall, I went with a bunch of other Land Rover Owners to the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada. For nearly a week, we lazed about, looked for arrowheads, hiked around, stepped (nearly) on rattlesnakes, played poker, spotted UFO's, and generally had a wonderful time.

"I feel like going home..." (20K)

Okay if I park here? (28K)

Stay cool! (30K)

Hi Scotty! (25K)

Which way shall we get lost today? (32K)

Indy and friends, overlooking the playa (41K)

Near the Double Hot Springs (32K)

Home on the range (40K)

In the Summer of 1994, Rachel Grilley and I took an epic journey through western Canada in my Land Rover. Okay, so maybe it wasn't so epic. But, we had a great time, and Canada is a great country. We were so busy enjoying ourselves, we really didn't take many photos. We toured Victoria, Vancouver, and Banff in British Columbia, and Jasper, Edmontmon, and Calgary in Alberta, and all the points in between, and the best pictures of the Land Rover were taken in the states.

Gee, Rachel, can't you see I'm trying to take a picture of the Rover? (20K)

Ain't nobody here but us rattlesnakes! (20K)

LLoyd Allison has a great listing of Miniature Land Rovers past and present. I must admit I've got a few myself.

I just keep 'em around for when kids visit. Honest! (50K)

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