Car Fixin' Blues

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Car Fixin' Blues
No. Title Time
1. Swamp Thing (Nitro, Perez-Banuet, Kelly, Rabino) BMI (2:40)
2. One More Nite (Johnny Nitro) BMI (4:22)
3. Car Fixin' Blues (Johnny Nitro) BMI (7:20)
4. Little Girl (Johnny Nitro) BMI (3:24)
5. Mother In Law (Barge) Chevis Music, BMI (2:57)
6. Boogie Man (C. Blackwell, L. Russell) Stuck on Music, BMI (7:24)
7. He Knows The Rules (J. McCracklin) Arc Music, BMI (4:22)
8. She's Got That Stuff (P. Welsh) Richter Music, ASCAP (4:14)
9. Jazz In B-Flat Demolished (Nitro, Perez-Banuet, Kelly, Rabino) BMI (0:23)
10. Heart Detective (Johnny Nitro) BMI (4:17)
11. Big Bess (A. McCrae and Gladstone) (3:36)
12. Treat Me So Low Down (T-Bone Walker) Duchess Music, Louis Zito Music, BMI (4:43)
13. Honey Bee (Stevie Ray Vaughan) Ray Vaughan Music Inc., ASCAP (2:25)
14. Countdown (Johnny Nitro) BMI (7:54)
15. Twister (Sonny Rhodes) (2:01)

Lyrics for Car Fixin' Blues

My carburetor won't carburate
When these brakes work, it's a act of faith
My engine won't energize
And my generator won't generate

I'm gonna fix my car this Sunday
I'm gonna tighten down every nut and bolt and screw
I'm gonna crank my engine
I'm gonna drive away from you

You spent all my money, honey
Drinking up all my beer
I ain't gonna be happy
'til I see you in the rear view mirror


I can't talk no Italian
Can't speak a word of French
But honey, I got a box of tools and I
know how to spin a wrench


Car Fixin' Blues Features:

Johnny Nitro: Guitar, Vocals
Tony Perez-Banuet: Saxophone, Vocals (8,11)
A.J. Kelly: Bass
Scott Rabino: Drums, Vocals (13)

With Special Guests:

Tommy Castro: Guitar (7)
Margaret Moore: Piano (10,14)
Kirsten Moore: Piano (9)

© 1993 The Saloon Recordings
Recorded at Peter Miller Studios, San Francisco
Special Thanks to Jose Cuervo (1800- )

Production by
Johnny Nitro and The Door Slammers
Recording and Mix by Peter Miller
Mastering by Myron Mu
Photography by Michael Emery

The Saloon Recordings
1232 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

Johnny Nitro and the Doorslammers
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