San Francisco Blues Guitar Summit

Volume 3

Album Cover
San Francisco Blues Guitar Summit, Volume 3
No. Title Composer Time
1. Train Conductor (Kevin Russell) (4:34)
2. You Know I Love Ya (Tommy Castro) (5:20)
3. Nobody Else's Arms (Johnny Nitro) (6:50)
4. Alligator Alley (Kevin Russell) (5:37)
5. I Tried (Tommy Castro) (9:35)
6. Runnin' On Fumes (Johnny Nitro) (6:46)
7. Take It Like A Man (Kevin Russell) (5:38)
8. You Got Something (Tommy Castro) (5:30)
9. The Wrong Bed (Johnny Nitro) (8:04)
10. You Gotta Roll (Kevin Russell) (5:13)

Lyrics for Nobody Else's Arms

Every night I try my best
to lay down and get some rest
'cause no foolin', the harder I try
I can't seem to close my eyes.
All night long I lie awake
when the sun comes up I begin to shake

Nobody else's arms will do
Nobody else's arms will do
Nobody else makes me feel all right
Can I be in your arms tonight
Nobody else's arms will do
Got to have the arms that belong to you.

When breakfast comes I hardly touch a bite
friends want to know if I'm all right.
I try to tell them that I am,
but they can see right through my scam
then they get me to confess
that without you baby I'm a solid mess.


I'm with a girl and it's such a shame
wrapped in her arms it's just not the same.
She kisses me and tries to make me smile
but there's something missing after a while.
How can I tell her to her face
that I need yours and not her embrace?


So rock me baby right here in your arms
I've got to feel all your charms.
Hold me baby like only you do
Raise my temperature to one-oh-two.
Nobody else's arms will do,
I've got to have the arms that belong to you.

[Refrain, twice]

The San Francisco Blues Guitar Summit, Volume 3 Features:

Produced by Kevin Russell
Co-Produced by Steve Fontano
Executive Producer Mike Varney
Engineered by Steve Fontano
Assitant Engineers Mark Hutchins and Gregg Schnitzer
Recorded at Alpha and Omega Studios, San Rafael, Ca.
Mastered at Rocket Lab S.F., CA by Kenneth K. Lee, Jr.
Art Direction/Graphic Design Annie Calef and Dave Stephens
Photography Pat Johnson Studios, Taken at Blues, San Francisco, CA.

Andy Doerschuk plays Drums on all Tracks.
Brad Russell plays Bass on all Tracks.

© 1993, Blues Bureau International, A Division of Shrapnel Records Inc.

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